Jumbo Microfiber Drying Towel


  • Extremely absorbent, this 25 x 36 twisted loop microfiber drying towel holds nine times its weight in fluids
  • Recommended using in place of a chamois.


The Extra 1 1/2 Times Length (36″) Gives the Towel More Surface Resulting in the Ability to Hold More Water. 

It is the Perfect Size for Wiping Your Car Down. It Won’t Unfold and Drape on the Ground When You are Drying the Lower Parts of the Car!

The durable “Scratchless” microsuede piping on this towel will not scratch the most delicate of finishes. Easily laundered in between uses. 
This towel not only removes water like a mega-sponge but being microfiber, removes any remaining contaminants from your surface at the same time. The twisted loop design lifts and holds grime and dirt away from your finish like a magnet preventing unwanted scratching like a chamois can do.

Perfect for using after a wash or drying your surface when getting caught in the rain. 


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