Jax Wax Velour Upholstery Cleaner


  • Packs an Awesome Punch to easily and effortlessly clean all kinds of Dirty and Soiled Fabrics, Carpet and Upholstery.
  • A Dry Super Thick Foam Cleaner that cleans with very little residual wetness.
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Before the days of carpet extractor cleaners, the first thing that a car dealer usually had to do when talking a car on trade was to buy new floor mats. Not so with this product – it will knock the stains out of the dirtiest, most grimy and stained floor mats saving an unneeded expense. 

Jax Wax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is Packaged in an “Upside Down” Aerosol Can make it Easy to Apply and For Easy Access to Those Hard to Reach Areas. Jax Wax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is also Perfect for Around the House, for example when Kids or Pets have an “accident” on the carpet – it will even clean Grass Stains from White Sneakers!


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